Quintek Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: QTEK) today announced a Q4300 purchase order from Delco Defense Systems Operations, a division of General Motors (NYSE: GM) based in Goleta, California. The Quintek system will provide Delco with an automated means to produce aperture card media directly from online digital image files. The cards will be used for internal distribution of engineering drawings and archiving of critical information. Quintek anticipates follow-on orders for media, maintenance support, and additional equipment in the near future.

Delco designs, integrates, and supports a full range of turreted weapons systems. These systems are specifically designed to be applicable to light and medium, wheeled or tracked vehicles. They can be integrated into new vehicle construction or as existing vehicle modernization.

Backed by the corporate strength of General Motors, Delco provides technical and industrial benefits to its world-wide customer base. Also, Delco's corporate relationship within the General Motors Defense Group provides customers with access to a wide range of defense-based resources.

Quintek supplies chemical-free equipment, software, media, and services used to preserve digital data and insure against information loss due to catastrophic events, computer virus, and technology obsolescence. The use of the Q4300 system affords Quintek's clients significant relief from stringent and costly government environmental compliance, while providing an exceptionally high quality, cost efficient, and long term data storage method. The Quintek technology is used by a wide variety of public and private industries, such as Utilities, Aerospace, Petro-Chemical, Transportation, Construction, Defense, and Manufacturing. Clients include; TRW, Caltrans, US Navy, Lockheed-Martin, Dresser Industries, Zenith, NASA, Aramco, Smith Industries, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Duke Energy, Whirlpool, Lufkin Industries, GTE Airfone, and Boeing, among others.