Québec has opened its first 'universal superstation' to charge electric vehicles in Beloeil as well as ten further locations in the next two years.

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Pierre Moreau, accompanied by representatives of the Electric Circuit and Groupe Crevier, unveiled the station on Highway 20, the busiest in Québec.

The station offers four 50-kilowatt fast-charge stations which can simultaneously charge one vehicle each. The superstation has an adaptable configuration making possible both the addition of charging stations and the integration of new, more powerful technologies.

New charging technologies will be tested at the station as soon as they come out, for example, 100-kilowatt charging stations and more, as well as various additional services, such as dynamic pricing. It will also collect user feedback to improve future superstations as needed.

Several Québec companies collaborated on producing this first superstation prototype, led by the Electric Circuit. The centralised 200-kilowatt electric module was designed and manufactured by Automation R.L. from Varennes; the architectural structure was built by ScèneÉthique, also from Varennes and the lighting from Luxaz from Brossard.

"The deployment of this type of infrastructure is the determining factor in the adoption of electric vehicles, a crucial element if we are to reach our greenhouse gas reduction targets and build a new Québec with a low carbon footprint," said the Energy Minister.