It's the hottest car on the market right now. But what is it about the PT Cruiser that's striking such a resonant chord with American motorists? Maybe it's the way people see so many things in DaimlerChrysler's stylishly quirky subcompact.

So it's no surprise to find so many Cruisers collected at this year's annual gathering of the Specialty and Equipment Marketers Association in Las Vegas. The annual convention of aftermarket partsmakers, and automotive customizers featured some unusual and off-the-wall PTeasers, ranging from the nitro-charged, 325-horsepower PT Bruizer to the rolling rock-n-roll machine, the Vavoom! Setzer Cruiser, custom-designed for Stray Cats guitarist Brian Setzer.

Is there a future for any of these create-a-Cruisers? DaimlerChrysler seems to think so. And has a look at eleven of the best and boldest designs in this week's edition. That's just part of TCC's special report from the SEMA show.

See Ford pull some magic from out of its sleeve with the high-performance Focus FR200, a street racer that can turn 13-seconds in the quarter mile. Then see what happens when Lightning strikes the Ford F-150. Check out the big, bad bear-Chevrolet's new Bruin, the largest pickup ever brought to market. And get the inside skinny on some of the hottest parts and accessories to roll off the aftermarket assembly lines.