Groupe PSA is finalising the launch of its Paris carsharing service, Free2Move due to start by the last quarter of this year.

The fleet will initially include 500 Peugeot and Citroën electric vehicles.

This new Free2Move Paris offer is part of the deployment of the Push to Pass plan presented two years ago.

The Free2Move mobility brand launched in 2016 has more than 1m customers worldwide with a fleet of 65,000 vehicles deployed in more than ten countries

"After the launch of Free2Move App, we are providing Parisians with our know-how in urban mobility," said PSA director of mobility and connectivity services, Brigitte Courtehoux.

"It means a sustainable and high quality of electric car-sharing service. This is possible thanks to the good collaboration we have established with the Paris City Hall."

PSA has experience in carsharing services deployed in different cities, including its emov operation in Madrid with more than 180,000 users.