PSA Peugeot-Citroen says lessons learned from the economic crisis have led it to recruit only short-term an extra 300 staff for 206+ and 308 models at the Mulhouse plant in Eastern France.

The new half-shift will start in July and work on the vehicles until the end of November at the site, which will also produce the Citroen DS4 in addition to C4 vehicles.

"We are very, very careful about the future and we don't make big statements," a spokeswoman at the Mulhouse plant told just-auto. "We try to adapt our system to commercial demand.

"What we learned in the crisis, we learned the lesson and we learned it well, to be very careful and flexible."

As well as vehicle production, Mulhouse also has a forge foundry and a tooling workshop, which produces for the whole PSA Group. The forge foundry is the only one of its type in PSA.

The spokeswoman added the Mulhouse site was working "at maximum capacity" with 90 cars per hour on the production line.

Imminent launch of the DS4 and unveiling of the C4 last October, has prompted the recruitment drive "in order to match the commercial needs for July."