Citroen will unveil a production version of the new C5 next month and launch it publicly at the 2008 Brussels motor show in January.

According to Automobilwoche, the new car will shown to the press on 18 October in Paris.

The new car will use the PSA Group's PF3 platform, which already underpins the current C5 as well as the C6 and Peugeot 407. All these cars are produced in Rennes.

Automobilwoche said the new C5 would be available both with hydro-pneumatic suspension and in a lower cost form with conventional steel spring suspension. A Citroen spokesman said the decision was based on the fact that fleet customers attach no particular value to the hydro-pneumatic suspension.

Citroen showed the C5 Airscape concept at Frankfurt last week. A source told just-auto ahead of the show that the concept was similar to what the production car would like like.

"Apparently everything below the waistline is the new C5," he said. "Imagine a longer wheelbase, four doors and a hard top roof."