Ford Motor Company, on its own, took action on the Firestone tire tread separation issue in Venezuela. Ford already has replaced 60 percent of the tires on affected Ford vehicles in Venezuela. We replaced the Firestone tires with Goodyear tires. We have now analyzed many of these Venezuelan-produced Firestone tires and found evidence of defects.

We took these actions in the best interest of our customers in Venezuela. We continue to urge Firestone to conduct a formal recall of the suspect tires in Venezuela.

One of our guiding principles has been to be open and transparent with the public, the media and governments as we try to understand this complex tire issue.

In this manner, we have provided Venezuelan officials with technical information of Firestone tires and the Ford Explorer. We are extremely confident of the product integrity of the Ford Explorer - in Venezuela and around the world. We will fully cooperate with the Venezuelan government to clarify this issue and demonstrate that what we have given is accurate and honest.

Ford Venezuela has never lied to INDECU or to our customers.