Porsche has announced that it set new sales and turnover records in its 2006/07 fiscal year (ended July 31), in spite of the sporty Cayenne SUV model change. Sales were down in the US, but new markets like China and Russia more than compensated.

Provisional figures show a rise in Porsche Group sales to 97,515 vehicles in that period (previous year: 96,794 units). This represents a 0.7% increase. At the same time, turnover rose by 3.4% to EUR7.4bn (previous year EUR7.1bn).

A further improvement in product mix was the main driver of this growth, Porsche said.

With an increase of 8.8 percent to 37,415 vehicles (previous year: 34,386), the 911 set its own record, making it the group's most successful model line in the year. The 911 GT3 and the 911 Targa contributed to this success, Porsche said, along with the new 911 Turbo, which saw its first full fiscal year on the market.

The Cayenne SUV's progress was particularly gratifying, Posrche said, considering the model changeover.

Cayenne sales reached 33,943 units (previous year 34,134 vehicles).

Porsche said the Boxster series stood its ground. The Cayman was able to compensate for the decline in the Boxster,
although the 26,146 units sold still didn't quite match the 27,906 vehicles of the previous year.

Porsche said that the increase in sales in 2006/07 was achieved in spite of tougher competition on the international markets.

Porsche said its North-American sales dropped by 10.3% to 33,576 vehicles but that it avoided discounting.

In Germany, Porsche sales rose by 2.8% to 14,314 vehicles.

Outside the two biggest individual markets, Porsche saw a 9.2% rise in sales to 49,625 units.

This upward trend was powered first and foremost by new markets such as China and Russia, the company said.

Looking at the current 2007/08 fiscal year, Porsche said it is confident it will match the records set the previous year, despite sustained discount wars on the most important markets.

Key factors in the group's success will include the extension of its sales network in the new markets and the expansion of
the product range to include the 911 GT2 and the Cayenne GTS.

Porsche doesn't anticipate another major step in growth, however, until the market launch of the four-door, four-seat Gran Turismo Panamera in 2009.