In anticipation of high growth across the hybrid market (5.5m cars in 2020 versus 2m in 2015), Plastic Omnium is introducing a new-generation plastic tank for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The plastic tank, featuring new 'Inwin' technology, is 40% lighter than the metal model currently fitted on the majority of plug-in hybrid vehicles. It is designed to withstand the pressure created by fuel vapour when the vehicle is in electric-drive mode over long periods of time. The technology developed by Plastic Omnium is covered by 163 patents.

An initial tank will be delivered in December 2016 for Hyundai's plug-in hybrid vehicles in South Korea.

By the year 2018, seven additional models for three other auto-makers in Asia and Europe will be fitted with the new tank.

Plastic Omnium says it is "thus confirming the success of its technology offering and nonstop commitment to providing auto-makers with innovative solutions to reduce pollutant emissions from vehicles".

Plug-in hybrids are seeing rapid growth as OEMs seek to electrify product portfolios in order to meet tougher CO2 and fuel economy regulations in markets around the world.

Global electric light vehicles market - forecasts to 2018

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Global electric and hybrid light vehicles market - forecasts to 2034

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