Vehicle sales in the Philippines fell by 4.5% to 11,816 units in April, from 12,374 units a year earlier, according to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers in the Philippines (CAMPI).

Its data excludes sales of some key suppliers, including Hyundai Motor, which left the association at the end of last year. Sales declined by 14.2% compared with the previous month’s 13,775 units.

CAMPI suggested that April sales were affected by a shortage of inventory as a result supply chain disruption following earthquake in Japan in March. The association added that, while many of the component plants affected have resumed operations, they are yet operating at normal levels.

Toyota reported sales growth of 8.6% in April to 4,595 units, while Mitsubishi’s sales fell 6.7% to 2,802 units. Honda Motor, the worst hit by the 11 March earthquake/tsunami in Japan, reported a 19% drop in sales to 1,128 units. The company is operating at 50% capacity in the Philippines.

In the first four months of the year, current CAMPI members increased vehicle sales by 4.8% to 48,109 units, compared with 45,910 units a year earlier.