UNION members at Peugeot's Coventry plant are to have a second vote on pending strike action. The extra vote will take place on Friday this week. It follows new proposals put forward by management, after workers voted for an initial one-day stoppage for July 27.

A spokesman for Peugeot told AutoWired this afternoon that the 'unions have accepted this as a significant step forward'. Closing date for the second vote is Wednesday 26 July, and the result will be announced on that date - one day ahead of the original proposed strike.

Some of the details in the new proposals are that the number of Friday nights worked by the weekday workers on A and B shifts will be cut from 22 to 15. C shift, the weekend workforce, will have to work 25 Mondays instead of 30. Overtime payments will be recalculated to maximise the 50% overtime premium and workers will be paid an extra £6 for each Friday late shift.

The main stumbling block for employees has been that overtime will stretch shifts to more than 46-hours a week and that some workers will be working regularly into the small hours of Friday night/Saturday morning. Tea breaks and lunch breaks being shortened is also a concern.

The 1-day stoppage on July 27 was to be followed by a similar one on July 30 for the weekend shift. An indefinite strike is then on the cards from August 21 if the matter cannot be resolved.