Six years and 360,000 units after bringing folding tin-top convertible motoring to the masses with the 206CC coupe-cabriolet, Peugeot has launched a fully redesigned 207CC replacement with a completely automated in-house roof and new engines developed with BMW.

A key change is that it is no longer necessary to manually release the leading edge of the still-two-piece roof before engaging the electrics to do the rest. Also significant: the roof mechanism is now built in-house in Spain rather than bought-in from French coach builder Heuliez.

The 207CC will be launched early in 2007 with two petrol engines (more or less shared with BMW's new Mini) and one familiar HDi diesel engine. The range will consist of the 120bhp EP6 1.6 litre 16v petrol engine, the 150bhp THP turbo-charged (EP6DT) version launched recently in the 207 GT hatchback and a 110bhp DV6TED4 1.6 litre 16v HDi DPFS (particle filter) diesel.

All the engines are combined with a five-speed manual gearbox while a four-speed automatic gearbox with Porsche System Tiptronic sequential control is also available with the 120bhp petrol 1.6.

The new roof is assembled in a dedicated production facility at PSA Peugeot Citroën Group's Madrid manufacturing plant, and is then sent to the 207 CC assembly line in the same plant.

The only manual operation now consists of pressing the control button for around 25 seconds of opening or closing cycle after all four windows have been lowered automatically. To ensure optimal roof sealing and to assist the opening of the doors, the electric front windows are equipped with an 'automatic window drop' system.

An active roll-over protection system is also standard along with five airbags, three designed specially for the 207 CC: two 'head-chest' side airbags located in the side of the front seats and a steering column airbag designed to protect the driver's lower limbs.

The air conditioning system has been designed to detect when the vehicle is being operated in the cabriolet configuration, so that it can adapt its operation to suit.

The 207 CC can also be equipped with a fragrance diffuser (seven 'flavours' are available) integrated in the fascia panel.

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