Peugeot has unveiled a range of stunning concept cars which will be on show at the Birmingham International Motor Show in October.

The new Peugeot Prométhée is a concept car that gives a flavour of Peugeot’s design direction in the near future. Said Tod Evans, Peugeot’s MD, "Prométhée incorporates a laboratory of ideas but it is real enough to project us into what’s possible tomorrow."

The vehicle demonstrates the marque’s new face and is powered by one of the cleanest ever diesel engines in the UK – Peugeot’s HDi unit with particulate filter. The MPV-style body showcases a variety of ideas including a new type of sliding rear door and split level boot.

And driving in the cleaner, more people-friendly cities of the future could actually be fun as well as efficient, Peugeot believes.

The company’s new three-seat dreamcar shopping trolley called e-doll is one of four funky ways to get around the new-age

Created by Peugeot to kick off a world-wide design competition, the quartet of City Toyz are also set to appear at October’s International Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham.

For the City Toyz, the challenge to the Peugeot design team, the acknowledged masters of the art of making entertaining small cars, was to create vehicles for the city of the future that would be ecologically friendly-but-fun.

Said Peugeot’s Tod Evans: "There is a tendency among today’s car enthusiasts to believe that driving as a pleasure is soon to become an extinct concept. The City Toyz offer some hope. Imagine your town full of these cars!"

e-doll is a streamlined, electric powered three seater with integral shopping trolley.

vroomster is a twin-cam, 16-valve tandem with handlebar steering and running boards.

bobslid driven by 40 tiny electric motors, seats three in line under a glass bubble.

kart-up is a low slung roadster that premieres road and junction variable headlights.

The Peugoet concept: Promethee