Ford of Britain has come up with a TV advertising campaign using instruments made from car parts. It airs here in the UK from 4 February.

An orchestra playing instruments created entirely from car parts performs the soundtrack to the updated Focus television commercial.

It's the work of two American composers. Hollywood film composer Craig Richey and New York sound designer Bill Milbrodt turned 21 parts from the new car into musical instruments and arranged them to be played by an orchestra.

Milbrodt's team took apart a Focus five-door hatchback that had just come off the production line.

"When we got it to the mechanic's shop, it had less than a mile on the clock. We took the doors and fenders off, but we had the body shell intact and we later cut out of that the parts we wanted," said Milbrodt.

By the time the orchestra had been assembled for the photo shoot at Universal Studios in California, Milbrodt's team had constructed 31 instruments.

Each has a name that instantly identified its origins, such as the transmission case cello-dulcimer, clutch guitar, rear suspension spike fiddle, fender bass, hatchback kick drum, handheld gear tambourine and door harp.