NTN says NTN Driveshaft Anderson has been established in Indiana, as the third manufacturing plant for automotive driveshafts in the US.

The company said it had been making the move to local production in America, by establishing NTN Driveshaft in Columbus, Indiana, in 1989 to manufacture driveshafts and NTK Precision Axle Frankfort, also in Indiana, in 2003 to manufacture pre-process parts for the components.

In 2007, NTN also established Seohan-NTN Driveshaft USA in Alabama.

Demand for SUVs and pick-up trucks have soared in recent years in North America  says the company, which has led to a sudden increase in demand for NTN driveshafts and existing manufacturing plants in North America have been under full production.

With strong demand forecast into the future, a decision was made to establish the third plant in America for manufacturing driveshafts.

NTN will strengthen the driveshaft supply system and increase local production.