Nissan has withdrawn its Infiniti luxury brand from the Indonesian market, according to local reports.

The brand's sole dealer in the country, in the Simatupang area in South Jakarta, was seen shuttered and all corporate identity removed, with reports that Suzuki has taken over the lease of this prime site.

PT Nissan Motors Indonesia's head of communications, Hana Maharani, confirmed that the company is reviewing the brand's position in the Indonesian market and that sales have been terminated at least temporarily.

Nissan Motor Indonesia has not ruled out the brand's return to this market at some stage in the future, but the company's President Director Eichi Koito pointed out that Infiniti's market segment in Indonesia is very limited.

In the meantime, Nissan will still continue to provide aftersales services to Infiniti owners in the country.

Data collected by industry association Gaikindo shows that no vehicle deliveries were made to the Infiniti dealership in more than a year, compared with 831 deliveries to BMW's dealers nationwide in the first four months of 2018 and 514 to Lexus dealers.

Mercedes-Benz local distributor, which is directly owned by Daimler AG, no longer supplies data to the association.

Indonesia - with its population of over 260m - is seen as a vehicle market with huge growth potential.