UK buyers bought 2,507 pure electric cars last year, according to Nissan UK.

Of those, 73% - 1,830 - were the automaker's own Leaf.

Of the total, 1,509 were bought by retail customers and 998 by fleet operators.

Pure EVs accounted for 54% of sales of all 'plug-in' models including range extenders (REX) and hybrids (PHEV).

The January to April 2014 year to date tally was 1,406  pure EVs of a total of 2,031 'plug-in' cars.

The data was revealed on the sidelines of the recent launch of Nissan's new e-NV200 van.

Nissan said the UK EV market continued to be "well supported" by the government with incentives such as the GBP230m Plug-In Grant (up to GBP5,000 off the price of the car), no beneift in kind tax on electric vans until the end of the 2014/2015 tax year and exemptions from annual vehicle tax and the London congestion charge.

The automaker also noted the growth in recharge networks from 752 points in May 2011 to 5,731 and counting today along with a rise in fast-charge Chademo points from 60 in May 2013 to 232.

The provision of the Chademo points now covers 90% of UK motorway service areas. Nissan said it expected there would be 500 across the country by March 2015.