Nissan Motor has launched the redesigned 'commercial traveller'-focused AD and Expert which go on sale in the Japanese market (only) on 19 January with a monthly sales target of 3,200 units.

The current lineup of 4WD models will be continued until late 2008 when they will be replaced by new 4WD models. Nissan will also carry over the previous 1.5-litre manual-transmission models and the compressed natural gas version.

Designed specifically for business use (Japanese private buyers shun 'station wagon'-like vehicles, seeing them as tradesmen's cars), the new AD and AD Expert cockpit area has numerous storage places and innovative features, including a folding table that facilitates the use of a laptop PC in the cabin. Loading and unloading of cargo is also made easy by the wide and high back door opening and low floor height.

With class-leading cargo compartment length, height and width between the wheel housings, the AD and AD Expert are versatile load carriers.

Engine choices include 1.5- and 1.8-litre units.

Models fitted with the CR12DE engine or the HR15DE engine are certified as Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (SU-LEVs) because they emit 75% less exhaust emissions than Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations. MR18DE-engine models are certified as U-LEVs, emitting 50% fewer emissions than the 2005 exhaust emission standards. Models fitted with the CR12DE engine or the MR18DE engine are 10% more fuel efficient than Japan's 2010 fuel economy standards, and those equipped with the HR15DE engine over achieve the standards by 20%, thereby qualifying for tax incentives under Japan's Green Tax programme.

All GX and VX grade models come with a driver's side SRS airbag as standard.

Exports are not planned.