Nissan Motor will spend JPY30bn yen over the three years from fiscal 2005 to upgrade its Kyushu plant in the town of Kanda, Fukuoka Prefecture, the plant manager told Kyodo News on Wednesday.

As the plant marks the 30th anniversary of operations this year, its ''antiquated'' facilities need to be replaced with ''state-of-the-art production lines,'' Kenzo Kawase said at a press conference.

Nissan plans to spend 10 billion yen each year over the three-year period, starting with the current fiscal year that runs to next March 31, according to Kawase.

Production by the Kyushu plant is estimated at a little more than 450,000 vehicles for 2005, down from 510,000 in 2004. The plant is expected to roll out slightly more than 400,000 units in 2006.

Starting in 2007, however, the plant is expected to boost output as it will ''successively'' launch the production of new car models, Kawase said.

Cumulative production by the plant topped 10 million units in December 2004, Kyodo News noted.