Looking more like a rebadged Renault than a Nissan, the European-specification Note mini-minivan will make its show debut at Frankfurt next month.

"It is aimed at parents who have a need for a car to match their busy lives, but who don't want to stop having fun behind the wheel," the PR blurb gushes.

Nissan claims a "vast" amount of interior space thanks to the wheelbase of 2600mm - longer than that of VW Golf - and the space can be maximised thanks to folding and sliding rear seats.

There will be four engine options for Europe: two (Renault) 1.5 dCi diesels developing 50kW and 63kW (68 and 86PS) respectively, a 1.4-litre 65kW (88PS) petrol unit and a new 1.6-litre 81kW (110PS) petrol engine from the Micra 160SR and C+C.

Sales will begin in spring 2006.

Nissan will also show the production Micra C+C coupe-cabriolet - with glass folding roof - at Frankfurt and a new sports version of the Micra hatchback dubbed 160SR with new 1.6-litre 16 valve four cylinder twin cam engine developing 81kW (110hp) and 153Nm of torque.

To produce sharper, sportier handling the suspension has been stiffened and the power steering modified to give greater feel and feedback. In addition, electronic stability control is standard.