With the cost of petrol continuing to rise, Nissan is offering an alternative fuel option to customers in the UK. Nissan is introducing a new Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG Dualfuel) option to the new Almera and Primera range, which qualify for the highest level of cash-back for the conversion costs, under the Government scheme, Powershift.

The new LPG Dualfuel option is available on the following manual models in the new Almera and Primera range:

  • Almera 1.8 SE five-door

  • Primera 1.8 S five-door

  • Primera 1.8 SE five-door

  • Primera 1.8 S Estate

  • Primera 1.8 SE Estate

    Prices for the vehicles remain unchanged and customers will pay an additional £1,997.50 (including VAT) for the conversion.

    Under the Government's Powershift scheme, both the Almera and the Primera have been placed in group 4 on the Powershift register. To qualify for group 4 status, the engines have to show a 65 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons against Euro III emissions regulations. This qualifies the Nissan Almera and Primera for the highest level of reimbursement, 75 per cent, which gives customers a refund of £1,498.

    The Nissan Almera and Primera use a highly advanced 'liquid petroleum injection' (LPi) system, which uses multi-point liquid injection rather than the more traditional gaseous injection systems used by other manufacturers. One of the major benefits of this system is that there is no loss of driving performance.

    The LPG fuel for the Almera and Primera is held in a 46-litre 'doughnut' ring tank (51-litres for estate models), which is located in the recess in the floor of the boot. This does not reduce the boot capacity and the rear seats can still be folded to maximise storage capacity. Alternatively, a 70-litre cylinder tank can be fitted behind the rear seats for an additional £90+VAT, but this does reduce the boot capacity.