Nissan Motor will start sales of the new X-Trail Hybrid on 13 May in Japan.

The new variant has a two-litre MR20DD hybrid powertrain. It has Forward Emergency Braking as standard.

The vehicle uses the automaker's proven Intelligent Dual Clutch Control hybrid system that drives the wheels and regenerates electricity with one motor. With one of the two clutches separating the motor from the engine, EV mode driving is possible at high speeds. Fuel economy is 20.6km/L on the JC08 test mode and all graded meet 2020 fuel economy standards so owners are eligible for tax exemptions.

The petrol engine has been made more efficient by removal of an auxiliary belt drive and addition of a low-friction oil seal. The XTRONIC CVT automatic transmission has the same step shift control as petrol models.

A compact li-ion hybrid battery pack enables the same 400 litre luggage capacity as the petrol models.