Nissan says its March eco-car will be introduced to the market in March 2010 and describes the car as the car as the 'right car at the right time and the right place'.

Toru Hasegawa, president of Nissan Motor Thailand has showed journalists a sketch of the new model, the first from the eco-car project promoted by the government.

The eco-car will play a major role in helping Nissan double its sales volume in the local market within three years and increase its market share to 10 per cent, Hasegawa said.

Total annual Nissan production in Thailand is expected to reach 200,000 units in 2012.

Hasegawa also met this week with Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and confirmed the eco-car would be launched next March.

He told Abhisit that due to the fluctuating market caused by the recession and unknown future events, it would be helpful if the government offered further tax privileges that would help eco-car manufacturers boost domestic volume.

Nissan plans to make 100,000 eco-cars a year within five years: one-third for the domestic market and two-thirds for export to 13 countries.