Ford Motor Co. is being asked by the Federal Government to provide further information on the overseas recall of Bridgestone/Firestone tyres, writes Associated Press (31/8/00).

Quoting Rae Tyson - spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Wednesday (30/8/00) - the report says that the information the car giant had already provided raised further questions so additional information is required.

Previously, Ford had sent 40 pages on foreign recalls to the federal agency on 3rd August. The NHTSA is now requesting information from Ford on Firestone defects reported elsewhere around the world alongside details about the products in the countries where the recalls were issued. Speed rating information on tyres used on all Ford Explorers sold overseas have also been requested by the NHTSA.

Mike Vaughn, spokesman for Ford, said (30/8/00) that he did not have any information in response to the NHTSA`s new request, according to the report.

The NHTSA is currently investigating Firestone tyres which are standard on Ford`s Explorer model alongside other vehicles.