Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) is launching a new national corporate advertising campaign focusing on the brand's ongoing investment and job-creation in the United States.

"With our new campaign, Toyota highlights its long-term commitment to the US market, which has resulted in the creation of 190,000 jobs including dealers and suppliers," said Dennis Cuneo, senior vice president at TMNA. "By focusing on our operations across the country, along with our commitment to the environment, we aim to show that Toyota's growing investment is benefiting not only local communities but the entire country as well."

The campaign includes five print ads, all of which highlight Toyota's US operations. The first, launched on Monday, focuses on the future site of the new full-size truck plant in San Antonio, Texas, which will commence operations in 2006. The ad also mentions subsidiary Bodine Aluminum's new Jackson, Tennessee engine casting plant, which will begin production in late 2005.

The headline reads, "We're not just breaking new ground with our vehicles." The accompanying photo depicts an all-but-empty field where a sign in the foreground proclaims, "Future Home of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas." A tractor and three contractors can be seen in the background.

"We're showing that Toyota has big plans - and is following them up with big actions," said Paul Bernasconi, partner/creator at Oasis Advertising, which created the campaign.

Upcoming advertisements will also include Toyota Motor Sales, USA in Torrance, California, and manufacturing facilities in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

The campaign will run in about 40 national publications, including USA Today, The Wall St. Journal, The New York Times and Time. The ads will also appear in local business publications in the communities surrounding some of the featured operations.

Toyota currently has eight manufacturing plants in the U.S., which built over one million vehicles in 2003, and its suppliers and dealers are responsible for more than 190,000 jobs in the US. The company's total investment in the US market now exceeds $12 billion.