Partsworld Limited has set up a new supply channel for genuine GM components to approved UK manufacturers.

The initiative will see engines, transmissions, injector pumps, trim and thousands of other components offered to qualified customers in a wide range of industries, including outside of the usual automotive field.

Combining reduced research and development costs to end users with access to GM's tried and tested engineering expertise, the agreement is intended to aid numerous manufacturing facilities and projects.

Fairground rides, ski lifts and pogo sticks are some products already utilising GM components along with injector pumps for bakeries, seats for furniture designers and dashboard vents for air conditioning systems.

The automotive industry is still expected to be the largest customer with engines and transmissions supplied to approved specialist car and boat manufacturers in addition to fuel pumps, brake discs, callipers, door locks, light clusters and other components.

The motorsport and tuning industries will also benefit from upgraded engine parts and transmission assemblies with access to previously 'difficult to come by' components for approved performance specialists, tuners and builders.

For powertrain development engineering, Partsworld works in partnership with Millbrook, a wholly owned GM company that operates independently, providing engineering services to a worldwide client base.

Partsworld also distributes parts for taxis, scooters, light commercial vehicles, Reliant cars and Piaggio.

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