The A 45 AMG is due to be in German showrooms from June (July for the UK)

The A 45 AMG is due to be in German showrooms from June (July for the UK)

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The first details of the Mercedes-Benz M 133 engine have emerged. The turbocharged four-cylinder petrol unit boasts an output of 360hp (265kW) and will be manufactured at Daimler's four-cylinder assembly plant at Kölleda.

The A 45 AMG and its engine were first reported six months ago by just-auto. Now, details of the car and its powertrain have been made official by Daimler.

M 133 will have its first application under the bonnet of the Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG, the fastest version yet of the third generation A-Class. This (60hp) more powerful rival for the Audi S3 Sportback, will, like that car, be seen for the first time at the Geneva motor show in March.

To handle the output of what Daimler claims is the world's most powerful series production four-cylinder engine, the A 45 AMG will come with standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive. M 133 produces up to 450Nm, the company claims. In normal driving, the A 45 AMG uses front-wheel drive but when extra traction is required, torque is automatically split between front and rear axles up to a ratio of 50:50.

Like other AMG vehicles, the A 45 will have its suspension, powertrain and other components fitted by AMG at Affalterbach after delivery from the A-Class plant at Rastatt.

The new AMG 1,991cc engine features spray-guided direct petrol injection via piezo injectors positioned centrally in the four combustion chambers. Other highlights include a gravity-die sandcast all-aluminium crankcase, weight-optimised crank assembly with forged steel crankshaft and forged pistons with friction-optimised piston rings, NANOSLIDE cylinder wall technology, air-water charge air cooling, generator management and ECO start/stop function.

Dry engine weight is quoted as 148kg, the compression ratio is 8.6:1, maximum revs are 6,700 per minute, maximum charge pressure is 1.8 bar, while peak pressure is up to 140 bar. M 133, which uses a twin-scroll turbocharger, is Euro 6-compliant and has a quoted C02 average of 161-165g/km in the A 45 AMG.

M 133 is also likely to be the powerplant for potential AMG versions of the B-, CLA- & future GLA-Class models.

Author: Glenn Brooks

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