NEVS's 9-3 electric car has started production in Tianjin, China, marking the stage from development to industrialisation.

The installed annual product capacity is 50,000 electric vehicles in Phase I of the Project, and 220,000 for phase II.

NEVS is working with three generations of EVs with innovation and development centres in China and Sweden. The second and third generation will be developed in co-operation with DiDi.

NEVS chairman, Kai Johan Jiang has worked with the new partnership with DiDi and Global Energy Interconnection, which the Swedish mobility company claims has "gradually [grown] into the world's biggest NEV service platform" and functions to promote changes in green mobility.

"As the world's leading one-stop diversified mobility platform, DiDi predicts there will be 1m million electric cars running on its platform by 2020," added a NEVS statement.

"As a major partner, NEVS will provide DiDi with cost-effective high-end EVs. Meanwhile, NEVS and DiDi will carry out technological cooperation on Autonomous Driving."

DiDi, GEICO (Global Energy Interconnectivity Corporation) and NEVS, have also started a joint venture known as GNEVS (Global New Energy Vehicle Service Company), which will provide services and infrastructure for Mobility on Demand Electric Vehicles.

The operation will facilitate infrastructure and service for EV customers.