Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has said that he will remain in the top job through 2011.

The entrepreneur said that remaining in the top job to see through the launch of the company's second model - the Model S sedan - in 2011 was stipulated by Daimler when it took a 10% stake in Tesla.

"I didn't really have a choice. This was a requirement of Daimler that I remain CEO of Tesla through the Model S launch and then continue to be part of Tesla in a chairman role beyond that," Musk said in an interview.

Musk has lately been involved lately in a public spat with former Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard who has filed a lawsuit alleging defamation by Musk. Musk has publicly blamed Eberhard for cost overruns and delays on the Tesla Roadster (for more on that, see the below link to a Musk blog posting on the Tesla Motors website).

Tesla has just opened its first European showroom in London.

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