More bad recall news for Japan's largest automaker: Toyota is recalling 367,500 Toyota and Lexus sport utility vehicles in the United States because a part in the front console area could come loose and interfere with the accelerator pedal (left-hand drive, remember).

In a separate announcement also reported by The Associated Press, Nissan North America, which last month recalled newer models for oil-related and fire problems, said it would separately recall nearly 201,000 2003 Altima and Sentra sedans to fix a faulty sensor that can kill the engine while driving.

Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong told AP that Toyota's recall involves 2004-05 models of the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX 330 and early 2006 models of the Highlander hybrid SUV and the hybrid RX 400h.

A clip could come loose and allow a small trim piece on the console, located on the centre-left side of the front compartment, to interfere with the accelerator.

The company has received seven complaints and two reports of accidents but no injury reports, Kwong said.

AP noted that a Toyota spokeswoman in Germany told Dow Jones Newswires that an additional 20,200 RX models in Europe would be recalled.

The Nissan recall reportedly involves 186,279 Altimas and 14,587 Sentras with 2.5 litre engines because temperature changes can interrupt the signal from a sensor in the engine compartment, leading to an engine stall in low speeds and in heavy traffic.

One crash and no injuries have been reported so far, The Associated Press said.