Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) has produced the first redesigned Outlanders at Okazaki Plant in Aichi Prefecture, Japan and began shipments to North America ahead of the model's global debut on 17 February.

MMC has given up on Europe and will not launch any more new models such as this here.
The SUV will be available first in North America (US, Canada and Puerto Rico) and then in other markets.
"The all-new Outlander not only represents a new phase of design but, with its premium features, the vehicle is set to be a game-changer," said John Signoriello, executive officer, responsible for global marketing and sales, MMC.
The Outlander is a crossover SUV which was also known as the Airtrek when launched in Japan in 2001. Since then, MMC has broadened its utility and performance. Global sales volume has reached 2.6m units.