Mitsubishi is planning to reduce the number of platforms on which its car and light truck models are based from the current 14 to just six within the next few years, according to the French language Vehicle News newsletter.

Mitsubishi will use the platform used for the current 'i' model for all mini-vehicles and kei cars. At present it has four platforms covering this segment.

The Lancer platform will cover the compact segment, along with another new platform that will replace the current platforms used for the Delica and Outlander.

Vehicle News says that Mitsubishi currently shares some platform technology with Chrysler (Dodge Caliber, Dodge Nitro, Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot) and with PSA (Peugeot 5007 and Citroen C7).

The article does not comment on what the remaining three platforms will be, but it does add that Mitsubishi is planning to export some mini-cars to the UK, and some Australian-built cars to south east Asia.