Mitsubishi Motors plans to boost annual output of the i MiEV electric car to 30,000 units around fiscal 2013 as Japan and other nations extend financial support to promote the use of eco-friendly cars, company president Osamu Masuko said on Monday.

Mitsubishi Motors will launch the car in Japan next July, ramp up production to over 15,000 units in fiscal 2011 and then double output, Masuko said.

The original plan was to increase annual output to 10,000 units at an early date, Kyodo News noted.

Mitsubishi Motors will initially market the i MiEV vehicles mainly to corporate customers, and then to individual customers starting in fiscal 2010. It has been demonstrating the car widely in right hand drive markets as far afield as New Zealand and will also offer it in left hand drive form from the second half of 2010.

MMC claims carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation for the i MiEV will be approximately 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by a petrol minicar.