Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) has launched its flagship plug in hybrid SUV, the Outlander PHEV, in the Philippines as part of its continuous investment in the ASEAN region where it will concentrate after announcing plans recently to withdraw gradually from Europe.

After Indonesia (last year), the Philippines is the second ASEAN country in the region to introduce the plug in Outlander.

Sales commenced at the Manila Bay branch of Peak Motors Philippines (PMPI) which will also be the first dealership to install Dendo Drive Station outside of Japan early next year.

"ASEAN is MMC's growth driver in the three-year mid-term business plan announced in July this year," said Yoichiro Yatabe, co-chief operating officer of MMC.

The Outlander PHEV combines the company's skills in electro-mobility, 4WD, and all wheel control technology. The vehicle has twin motor 4WD and a unique EV-based PHEV architecture with front and rear electric motors and no gearbox.

Since its premiere as the world's first PHEV SUV in 2013, the Outlander has expanded sales into 60 countries with total volume of 260,000 units as of August 2020.

It is claimed to be the world's best-selling PHEV and was Europe's best-selling PHEV for five consecutive years (2015-2019).