Mitsubishi Motors Corp. is to form a team to begin a 'process of rational reform' designed to regain customer trust following a recent recall scandal, writes Detroit News (2/11/00).

Citing Takashi Sonobe - who became the new Mitsubishi president Wednesday (1/11/00) - the article says that the company needs to improve management efficiency as a matter of urgency. Quoting Rolf Eckrodt - a DaimlerChrysler Executive and the company's next Chief Operating Officer - a clear and detailed strategy is to be formulated by Mitsubishi.

According to the article, Mitsubishi's 'Corporate Change Team' is to develop steps based on the company's corporate goals that include putting customer interests first alongside offering both high quality products and services.

This decision comes a fortnight after DaimlerChrysler finalised its 34 per cent stake in Mitsubishi at a cost of $1.9 billion, which was cut by 10 per cent after the Tokyo-based company admitted to falsifying complaint reports about its vehicles as well as conducting recalls without notifying the authorities.