Mitsubishi Motors Europe said its sales grew 7% year on year between January and September in a market down 1.6%.

The Space Star/Mirage and Outlander PHEV accounted for 42.5% of the total combined volume. The Space Star/Mirage achieved 30,373 sales (+12%); the Outlander PHEV 26,934 (+78%); ASX 24,585 (-7%); Eclipse Cross 22,126 (+8%); and L200 18,450 (+12%).

MME claims the Outlander PHEV remained Europe's best selling plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Since launch in October 2013, it has reached 151,735 sales in Europe.

The top 10 Mitsubishi Motors markets were Germany 41,930 sales (+3%); UK 22,625 (-6%); Spain 11,969 (+20%); Italy 7,342 (+51%); France 7,068 (+40%); Netherlands 5,710 (-3%); Sweden 4,881 (+ 31%); Poland 4,864 (+21%); Austria 4,286 (- 13%) and Norway 4,200 (+ 15%).

MME president and CEO Bernard Loire said: "Today, Mitsubishi Motors enjoys a unique position in the European market with its blend of SUVs & Plug-in Hybrid technology, its enviable reputation for quality and for engineering, as well as its foresight regarding emission regulations. Together with MMC, with our European Distributors and with our MME Team, we will certainly develop these assets.

"However, we are also aware of coming headwinds – external factors the whole auto industry is now facing, from a highly volatile currency market to uncertain political and trade issues.

"This is a further reason for pursuing a strategy of sustainable growth in Europe where the development of our brand image will take precedence over the race for volume, to be further developed with a string of new products, starting with the new ASX and L200 which are just being launched."