Mitsubishi Motors' Australian Managing Director, Mr. Tom Phillips, today (27/07/00) clarified the Australian effect of the recently announced Japanese recall. At the time Mitsubishi Australia said that it appeared that cars in Australia were not affected.

Mr. Phillips said today that further checking in Japan had revealed that the reported Pajero brake hose problem had already been the subject of a recall in Australia. Approximately 80% of owners have already had their cars fixed since being first notified in July 1996, and his Company was assiduously following up outstanding owners.

The Lancer/Mirage crankshaft pulley bolt problem has also previously been actioned in Australia. However, it had been treated as a field service fix, and of the 10,600 Australian cars 50% have already been rectified since the campaign first commenced in December 1997. As a result of today's announcement this will now be treated as a recall, and the normal follow-up procedure implemented with the outstanding affected owners.

It has also come to light today that approximately 2,000 Galants sold in Australia will be subject to a recall because of a possible problem with the lower suspension arm. The normal recall procedure will be implemented and the owners of affected vehicles will be notified directly.

More than 12,000 Mitsubishi vehicles sold in Australia are affected by the recall.