Michelin has accepted today's (7 July) ruling by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) it must change the wording of its television advertising if it wishes to continue the campaign.

The ASA ruled Michelin must change the TV advertisement, which claimed its EnergySaver tyre could save up to 80L of fuel.

However, the ASA says the saving refers to the lifetime of the tyre and that this needs to be made clear by Michelin.

"In terms of the ASA ruling, we will comply with whatever they say because we want to give our customers the best and truthful message we can," a Michelin spokesman told just-auto.

"The ad has run its course [but] is is due to be run again - we will obviously review that now."

The organisation responsible for clearing UK television advertising has also accepted Michelin must change its wording of the campaign.

All UK television advertising must be approved by a supervisory body funded by the broadcasting industry and known as Clearcast.

"With hindsight, we would have to accept that spelling out the period of time over which the saving would accrue does make it clearer - we don't object too strenuously," Clearcast copy group manager Alice Shelley told just-auto.

"It is a legal requirement the that ads comply with the code - the broadcasters won't carry an ad [otherwise]."

Some 15 television viewers challenged the 80L savings claim as misleading, arguing the advertisement did not specify what period of time the claim related to.

The ASA accepted most viewers would understand the claim of "save up to 80 litres of fuel" related to a significant period of time, but nonetheless considered the ad should make clear it was for the life of the tyre.

Michelin added it would now seek to discuss the issue with Clearcast in a bid to clear up any confusion surrounding its advertising.

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