Twenty current and former workers from US-owned maquiladora factories in Mexico will testify about health and safety abuses in their workplaces in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday, December 12.

The testimony will take place at a public hearing convened by the US Department of Labor (DOL).

Current and former workers from Custom Trim in Valle Hermoso and Auto Trim in Matamoros, two auto supply factories owned by Lakeland, Florida-based Breed Technologies, will testify at the hearing. They will provide evidence about severe health hazards in their workplaces, including repeated exposure to open containers of chemicals containing benzene, toluene, methyl chloroform, and other known carcinogens.

Workers at Custom Trim and Auto Trim report coughing up blood, fainting spells, respiratory distress, and uncommonly high rates of birth defects and miscarriages.

They also report various unsafe work practices leading to severe repetitive strain injuries and cuts, gouges and other hand, face and body injuries.