Mercedes-Benz is planning to acquire the building that housed the former Chrysler Pacifica Advance Design Center building in Carlsbad, California.

According to a report by auto motor und sport, contracts have been drawn up although the sale has yet to be completed. Details have not been disclosed but the 35,000 sq ft building was listed for sale at $7.3bn.

Chrysler closed the site earlier this year relocating the 20 person design team that had occupied the site.
Mercedes may relocated 18 designers based its studio in Irvine, California, which is half the size of the Chrysler site.

The Chrysler Pacifica studio opened in 1983. It also was responsible for concepts that led to the Dodge Intrepid, Plymouth Prowler and Jeep Compass, as well as some concepts that were not produced such as the Chrysler Millennium and Chrysler Atlantic.