Mercedes-Benz delivered 195,698 vehicles in November, a rise of 7.2% year on year and the 57th successive record month in succession.

YTD sales rose 10.7% to 2,095,810 units were sold.

"Mercedes-Benz passed the 2m mark in November, already surpassing its unit sales for the entire previous year," said marketing and sales chief Britta Seeger.

Europe sales rose to a November record 79,942, up 1.5%. YTD sales rose 7.3% to 879,878.

Asia Pacific volume rose 16.2% to 74,302 and 20.6% to 802,565 YTD.

NAFTA region November sales were up 3.8% to 36,505 customers with US volume up 1.6% to 30,838 and YTD 359,953 units sold, up 0.5%, a regional record.

Smart sales were down, though. The brand sold 11,500 cars in November and 123,130 year to date and Daimler did not provide comparative data.