Mercedes me media sample screenshot

Mercedes me media sample screenshot

Daimler's Mercedes-Benz brand will launch a new digital service for journalists, bloggers and other so-called 'multipliers' at the Frankfurt show this week.

The automaker has named its new online platform Mercedes me media and said it would allow singular live events, such as motor shows and world premieres, to be extended and expanded into "multi-day online communication experiences around the world".

"It makes [our] extensive worldwide programme of events accessible online and opens up new digital communication channels, enabling [us] to address international communicators as well as make additional information available any time and anywhere," Mercedes said in a statement.

The freely accessible platform will later also be available as an app for mobile devices and, will, Mercedes added, provides new functionalities to make work easier for journalists.

Apart from events, a continuously updated feed will deliver the latest news. The site, already live , includes an exclusive in the shape of a first design drawing of the electrically powered compact EQA concept which will make its world debut at the Frankfurt show.

"Mercedes me media now allows multipliers around the globe to be there 'live' along with our guests in attendance when we present new models and services. This makes day to day work much easier for the media. We are setting a new standard and communicatively bringing the analogue and digital worlds even closer together," said Jörg Howe, Daimler's head of global communications.

The platform offers high resolution, multi angle live stream - claimed to be a technical benchmark in the field of live digital communication. This makes it possible to change between three different camera angles and a director's picture without loading times or time delays. The feature can convey the live atmosphere of any event from the individually selectable angles in real time. Event recordings are available on demand after the event has ended.

Other features include a high resolution screenshot function from any camera angle of the live stream and live transcripts of talks and lectures in multiple languages. Quotations from talks and lectures can be copied and processed directly. The homepage also offers a news magazine with current, curated and exclusive content. A shopping basket function makes it possible to individually compile content that is of interest.

A countdown function provides information about upcoming live events. The user successively receives more information during each phase of an event. This includes all forms of content related information processing: texts, graphics, audio and video formats as well as animations are combined in an event special and supplement the live information from the video features. Time staggered content is adapted specifically to meet the needs of different user groups. Mercedes me media can also tailor content for print and online journalists as well as for digital influencers or bloggers.

New functions are added continuously. In the near future, the portal will also take over the central event management role at press briefings. In a personalised area, accredited media representatives receive all the relevant information about their events – making it a true "one-stop shop".