So-called 'Active Multibeam LED' headlights will be launched by Mercedes-Benz in 2014, the company has revealed.

Currently, individual functions such as the active light function or anti-dazzle main beam have been controlled mechanically, a release from Mercedes-Benz states. Now, with the targeted control of numerous individual LEDs, engineers have been able to achieve what are claimed to be new levels of variability when it comes to light distribution.

With the Active Multibeam system, each LED can be switched on individually, therefore enabling specific areas to be illuminated. The various light functions are controlled independently of one other. This in turn makes it possible to adjust the headlights even more precisely to suit road conditions. Adjustment of the headlights' light pattern is said to be done extremely quickly and unobtrusively - and this can occur individually for the left and right lamps respectively. Control units calculate the ideal light pattern 100 times per second, with information collected via a camera.

"The first LED headlamps, with all the adaptive functions of the Intelligent Light System, have been available to our customers since 2010, in the CLS", according to Thomas Weber, head of Development at Mercedes-Benz Cars. "With Active Multibeam LED, the headlamps are able to react even more quickly and individually to changing traffic conditions. On top of this there are extended functions of which a driver will become directly aware, such as anticipatory cornering detection in the case of the active light function. With such features Mercedes-Benz is continuing to extend its pioneering role in the automotive lighting sector."