Mazda Motor said it now had a "degree of certainty regarding parts supply and employees' commuting methods" and would restart two shift production at two plants in Hiroshima, Japan.

The automaker said the Ujina Plant No. 1 and Ujina Plant No. 2 would return to two shift operation "with reduced operations" from 23 July to 10 August.

It had announced last week resumption, from 12 July, of single shift operations at both Hiroshima factories plus a return to normal operations at Hofu.

Production at Hiroshima and Hofu had been suspended since the day-time shift on 7 July following exceptionally heavy rains and floods which have caused widespread property and infrastructure damage and led to deaths and injuries.

Mazda said in a statement it would ensure its own commuting and logistics movements had minimal impact on transport networks and did not hamper government and community rescue efforts, reviewing its production plan if necessary.