A two year trial in London taking Mazda cars to customers instead of waiting for them to come into the showroom has resulted in 375 sales. Now the project will be rolled out across the UK.

The Mazda My Way project is the brainchild of UK managing director Jeremy Thomson who does not expect dealers to invest in highly expensive outlets in major cities.

Instead he came up with a plan: Potential customers in London looking for a dealer online would be directed to Mazda My Way and then contacted by a brand ambassador. A car, or sometimes more then one model, would then be taken to the customer for an hour and a half test drive. Any purchase, finance etc would then be conducted at the customer's home.

Thomson said: "Although it can be difficult logistically, it is a very low cost sales channel. There are no bricks and mortar and no commissions. We are now talking to interested dealers about rolling out the project to other major UK cities."

Mazda worked on the innovation with automotive solutions provider Mea Via.

Thomson added: "When we started two years ago we had 12 ambassadors who between them could speak 18 different languages. We have now scaled need to demand and have six in London.

"We are now looking for dealers around the UK who have the desire to do something different, to appoint ambassadors to reach out to customers rather than wait for them to come through the door.

"It's another way to get the brand on the shopping list."