Mazda plans to increase the annual production capacity of automatic transmissions at its Hofu plant from 655,000 to 764,000 units from October 2006. The transmissions are for front-wheel drive cars and the increase is in response to increased demand for the Mazda Axela (known overseas as the Mazda3) and the Premacy (Mazda5).

The plant has just produced its 25 millionth transmission since production started at Hofu in December 1981.

The Nakanoseki district of the Hofu plant started producing automatic transmissions for the Ford Motor Company in December 1981, and in September 1982, production of manual transmissions for Mazda commenced. Of the total 25 million transmissions produced in the plant, 12 million units were for Ford and 13 million units were made for Mazda.

After production of automotive parts began at the Nakanoseki plant in 1981, another plant, now called Hofu Plant No.1, was built in the Nishinoura district in 1982 for vehicle production. Hofu Plant No.2 was added in the Nishinoura district in 1992, also for vehicle production.

In July 2006, cumulative vehicle production at the Nishinoura district of the Hofu plant topped seven million units. The plant produces the Mazda Axela (Mazda3) and Atenza (Mazda6).