Maruti Suzuki will raise production of its best selling Swift hatchback by over 40% and shift its entire output to its new Manesar factory after a month of industrial unrest there ended.

In the next few weeks, the company will start full manufacturing at Manesar, its second plant.

"This will help us increase the output of Swift to 17,000 units a month from our historical highs of 12,000 units a month," a senior Maruti Suzuki official told Economic Times of India (ETI). The company will also resume normal production of SX4 and A-star [Alto] models, ETI added.

Maruti's entire Swift production will now take place in Manesar, freeing up capacity at the Gurgaon plant which was used as a stopgap measure during the strike. This will help Maruti save on logistics cost incurred shipping body panels from Manesar to Gurgaon for car assembly.