Maruti Suzuki India has said that it was not reconsidering its investments in Haryana state despite the ongoing labour unrest at the Manesar plant there.

The standoff between the workers and the management dragged into its 13th day on Wednesday as talks to break the deadlock have failed so far, the Hindustan Times noted.

But the company said it was not revising its investments announced in the troubled Gurgaon-Manesar region and fresh investment in Gujarat for a new factory is independent of the labour unrest in Haryana.

The board of directors is expected to green light the new Gujarat plant on 29 October.

"It is not correct to link the current labour problem in Manesar with our investment in Gujarat," RC Bhargava, chairman, Maruti Suzuki India, told the Hindustan Times. "There is no question of us pulling out investments from Haryana. We could not have invested any more there as it was completely exhausted. The decision to invest in Gujarat was anyway taken before the strike."

Workers have been striking at Manesar demanding that the company recognise a separate independent union and reinstate 44 workers dismissed on disciplinary grounds.

Even Gujarat has seen problems: General Motors saw a prolonged strike at Halol earlier this year. Gujarat also had other strikes and lockouts in 2010-11.