Fengsheng Automotive Technologys sales projection for 30X is 30,000 per annum

Fengsheng Automotive Technology's sales projection for 30X is 30,000 per annum

Even though it already has the still new Geometry (Jihe) brand for such models, Geely is to revive the Maple name for electric vehicles. 

The forthcoming 30X will not be in direct competition with existing small SUVs from any of Zhejiang Geely's multiple brands, this model being the first for Maple. Strictly speaking, the new division is separate and has been created by Fengsheng Automotive Technology Group Company Limited. This firm is jointly controlled by the micro-SUV specialist Zhejiang Kandi Vehicle Company Limited and Geely Technology Group.

It is obvious from official images of the Maple 30X that this 4,005mm long vehicle is a Kandi GLEagle EX3 with lightly altered looks. The vehicle's maker is yet to announce any details of the battery pack which replaces the Geely X3's combustion engine. The claimed range is said to be 305km. That is identical to what was claimed for the EX3 at the time of its launch in September 2018. Both these EVs are closely linked to the Geely Vision X3 which, rather than a battery pack, has a petrol engine.

The roll-out of the Maple brand will take place in April, according to media reports in China. The 30X will be joined by as many as seven additional models between mid-2020 and the end of 2023, its maker claims. All are likely to be positioned below Geometry vehicles.

SMA (Shanghai Maple Automobiles) and Huapu ('Maple') branded small cars were produced in Shanghai from the start of the 2000s. Geely bought the company in 2003. The M203 was the only Maple model being produced when the brand was would up in 2011.

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