MAN Truck & Bus has begun construction of a new cab paint shop at its Munich plant with the official ground-breaking ceremony. A new modern and efficient base coat line will be established next to the current paint building in a hall with a total floor area of approximately 18,000sq m over five main levels.

The new base coat line will begin operations at the end of 2017. The overall spend is approximately EUR80m (US$89.4m).

The painting process in the new hall consists of pretreatment, cathodic dip coating by rotation, seam sealing and filler application. The rotation process in the dip painting enables a significant reduction in the use of consumables and chemicals through the application of the latest systems engineering. In addition, very effective cleaning means that the level of particulates in the exhaust air is reduced by 90% and water consumption is cut by 80%. Furthermore, the use of innovative and resource-saving technologies enables emissions reduction in the processes concerned by half, to lower paint use by 15% and to cut energy consumption by 25%.